Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Nails. And not only summer.

Doesn’t matter how awesome your outfit is, bad mani-pedi can spoil your look pretty dramatically, when at the same time simple one will shine with taken care of and beautiful nails. And summer is the best time to show them off!

Fun colors are the best friends of this time of the year, and not only in clothes and accessories, in nails too. This season the most popular ones are warm colorful pastels that nature herself gives you, like fruity shades of peach, green apple or pear or flowerish rose and lavender like in essie nail lacquers collection . Match them to your outfit or do funky contrast like juicy pink dress with salad nails – looks very fresh and stylish. Of course don’t forget about nudes, but darker, like wet sand or lava rock. Actually opaque grey is one of the leaders of the season, but again don’t choose too light or too dark grey, pick a perfect middle. All shades of water from light blue to turquoise are also very popular – wear them with whites or similar colors of outfit.
French manicure of course is on track too, but a bit upgraded. If you want to look trendy then pull up the craziest combinations of the colors as you just can imagine. It’s a complete freedom here. Do classic nudes with dark tips, or dark background with metallic (such manicures will perfectly work for the office or night out in the nice restaurant), and the most funky one - clear nail will neon tips! Mix how you want, just don’t forget that colors of the nail and tip should be contrasting.
What do you think about nail art? Must admit it lost its vibe a bit in last couple of years, but still sometimes it’s cool and fun to get some extra beauty for your nails. Go to salon to professionals or do it yourself at home with a special Nail Art kit (you’ll find them in any Walgreens). The main rule is to have fun!

And now it’s time for mani-pedi! Enjoy!

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